Born and raised in Amsterdam, I moved to Epen (South Limburg) with the whole family and the advertising design agency in 2004. As a concept developer, art director and DTP specialist,
I worked for many well-known international brands and various governments in Amsterdam for many years.
Due to the references I had built up, it was not difficult to resume my work in Limburg.

In 1994 I started my own communication design agency because I find short lines of communication with the customer essential to visualize and communicate the right feeling. Creation from concept to realization. Mastering very diverse specialisms gives me the opportunity to work effectively across the full spectrum.
An overview of this can be seen on my other website of the advertising design agency Arjan Ligtelijn and Friends:


After years of outsourcing assignments to photographers, the need arose to pick up the camera again, but more for free work and assignments. As a child I already took photographs and had my own darkroom.

A lot has changed technically in photography. After the Gerrit Rietveld academy in the early eighties, where I studied graphic design, I went back to school in Belgium a few years ago to pick up the technical part of photography with basic techniques. The foundation of the technology must be perfect to understand what light is and does and what a camera can do.
The enthusiasm of a young dog was there again. Just discover and experiment again to draw photography to visual art. Painting with the light that you catch with the camera and further shaping it with digital and other techniques.

My general interests vary widely and therefore my work is also diverse. By capturing the beauty that the landscape offers, capturing the soul of people in portrait photography, digital painting with abstract photographed images and the graphic interplay of lines that you can find everywhere, I cannot be pigeonholed. As long as it evokes emotion and reflects the essence of the subject, I find it special and interesting.